Booking Information
* +886 8 885 1685

Bank Information for booking (Domestic)
CHUNGHWA POST (Transfer Code 700)
Account NO. : 0311416-0357428 
Account Name : 劉玉枝

PAYPAL (International)
PalPal Checkout
Please follow the steps below:
1. Click "Send".
2. Type in the e-mail address:, and the amount of the payment.
3. There will be 6% service charge

Online Booking

Booking Notice

  1. Telephone booking service start from 10 am to 10 pm, please book your room or request by phone. Using e-mail may have some delay after we check it.

  2. Once the booking is conformed, please prepay 50% of the rate for the deposit before 9pm next day and give us a call. We will check the last 5 numbers of your account and the deposit amount to conform. If the deposit is not received after retention period, the reservation will be invalid without notice.

  3. If you unable to arrive before 9pm at the date of your reservation, please give us a call, and please try to keep the connection available.

  4. Once the room is conformed, please obey the person limit for the room. If you need to increase additional person to the room, please let us know. The rate will be adjusted for the increasing. If the people increased without notice, the rate of the room would be doubled. Additional rate: NT800 per person (including toiletries, breakfast and mattress)

  5. Children below 110cm height with no additional bed will not be charged, and one child for each room. The second Child will be charged with NT300 per child for cleaning fee and so on.

  6. You may leave your luggage before check in or after check out, but please keep your valuable alone with you. We will not be responsible for any losing of the luggage.

  7. The pets are not allowed to inter the rooms of Fun Space. We reserve the right to refuse your stay and forfeit the deposit if the pets were bring into the room.

  8. No Smoking inside the inn, the fine will be NT2000 and charged instantly. Any illegal activity is not allowed and we will call the police. These activities include alcoholism, making serious noise, party and having illegal drugs.

  9. If there is any damage or losing of the facilities in the room after check out, we will ask proper charge of reparation or call the police.

  10. Please do not use fireworks.

  11. For all customers' comfort, please keep the voice low after 10pm. Thank you for your cooperation.

  12. In order to go green, we don't provide disposable shower product. We provide shampoo, body wash, and towel, and please bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste with you.

Change Booking

  1. For the change including date, days, person number of accommodation or number of room, please inform us to conform at 14 days before arrived.

  2. The deposit of reservation can be preserved for 3 months. If you need to cancel the reservation less than 7 days before booking date, we will keep 50% of the deposit.

  3. If you need to cancel the reservation, according to Tourism Bureau, MOTC standard contract, the returned deposit ratio depends on the period of date from the reservation :

    1. If the reservation canceled 14 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 100%.
    2. If the reservation canceled 10-13 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 70%.
    3. If the reservation canceled 7-9 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 50%.
    4. If the reservation canceled 4-6 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 40%.
    5. If the reservation canceled 2-3 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 30%.
    6. If the reservation canceled 2 days before the scheduled date by customer, the deposit should be returned with 20%.
    7. If the customer cancel the reservation at the scheduled data or do not inform the inn, the deposit may be forfeited.

  4. The fee for reservation-cancel process will be NT100.

  5. If the land warning for typhoon (land alarm area include Pintung county) or stopping school and work for Pintung county was announced at the date of residue, the deposit will be fully returned or rescheduled (According to the information of Central Weather Bureau).

  6. We will not take conditions besides typhoon warning for cancel the reservation, but the reschedule is accepted.

Accommodation Convention

  1. Lobby is opened till 10pm, please be quiet and walk gently.

  2. Please obey the person limit of the room, otherwise we will charge NT500 cleaning fee for each person exceed.

  3. Each room can have one additional person maximum.

  4. Time for Check in: 3:30pm; Time for check out: 11:30am

  5. Breakfast is available from 8:30am to 10:30am.


The villa with swimming pool is surrounded by nature, so you may sometimes find few insect or leaves in the area or the room.

The villa can provide room and space for 8 people, maxima 10. Please tell us in advance if there' are extra people. Charge for extra person (older the 5 years old): NT$1500/per night, including extra bed, towel, and fresh made breakfast.

- Double Room with 1 queen size bed (182cm*188cm)
- Quadruple Room with 2 standard double beds (155cm*188cm)

Please read the Booking notice carefully before making the reservation.


  1. Check-in time is after 15:30 p.m., and check-out time is before 11:30 a.m.. Please visit Fun Space Inn(No. 208, Shadao rd.) first when you check-in.
  2. There are parking space in front of the villa, and please take your valuable belonging with you when you leave the car.
  3. No pets are allowed in the villa, and we will charge you NT$8000 if you break the policy.
  4. No fireworks and tent are allowed.
  5. The swimming pool will be closed during winter (Nov. to Feb.). It's 1.2m deep, and no diving allowed.
  6. We provide fresh made breakfast. Plese tell us the exact amount of people stay in our villa so that we can prepare enough food for you.
  7. The kitchen is not open for the guests.
  8. In order to maintain the good quality of our villa, please pay NT$5000 for deposit and we will return it to you when you check-out.
  9. We provide minibar in the room. There are red wine, beer, and soft drinks. Please help yourself if you want to enjoy the drinks. We'll check and charge for the drink you've used from the deposit when you check-out.
  10. No illegal drugs or activities are allowed in the villa. If we find any illegal activities, we reserve the right to refuse your stay and will not refund the room charge. We will also call the police.
  11. If there are any damages of our facilities or furniture, we may charge for it. If you damage the facilities with bad intention, we may call the police.

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